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The Embassy of the Russian Federation requires that all individuals aged 12 years and above, applying for a Russian Visa in the United Kingdom provide fingerprints as part of the visa application process. Invitation letter must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its regional representatives or by an appropriate Russian Federation Migration Service. Application process and timings vary from country to country.

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Artists and Crew require a Business-Commercial Visa to perform in Russia.
Artists and production Crew require a Work (Entertainer) visa for activities to engage in theatrical performances, arts, dance, musical performances, sports, or any other show business.

Certificate of Eligibility (COE) must be obtained in advance. Your representative (sponsor/promoter) in Japan can submit the COE application at the Immigration Bureau. The purpose of the Japan Certificate of Eligibility is to facilitate the visa application process.

Once the COE application has been processed, your representative/sponsor has to mail the COE to you so you can apply for your visa.

Applicants must fulfil certain conditions concerning personal history, work status, and form of entertainment.

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Artists and production Crew require an Artistic Performer C-4 Visa (short-term employment) for performance and entertainment activities in South Korea.

Recommendation letter from the Korea Media Rating Board or Motion Grade Committee must be obtained in advance.

The Republic of Korea immigration system is no longer require affixation of visa stamp/label to a page in an applicant's passport, effective from February 2020.

Under the new program, all foreigners entering the Republic of Korea will be required to present the Confirmation of Visa Issuance to Korean Immigration authorities at the point of entry.

Whilst this is the case, submitting the application pack to embassy or consulate will still be required.

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South Korea
Letter of invitation from the host organisation or company in Argentina is required.
The letter must be written in Spanish, on organisation/company letter-head paper, duly signed by the person in charge and certified by an Argentine Notary Public ("Escribano"). The signature of the letter needs to be legalised by the "Colegio de Escribanos".

Important: the original letter must be sent to an Argentine Consulate where you wish to apply for your visa prior to your application submission.

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Argentina -
Technical / Professional / Artist Visa
Technical / Professional / Artist Visa
The Promoter will have to initiate the visa application process in Peru with Migraciones (Superintendencia Nacional de Migraciones del Peru).

Start early as it takes up to 45 days to receive DIGEMIN authorisation from Migraciones in Peru.

Important: clearance with the Consulate is required well in advance of submitting your visa application.

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Peru -
artist Visa
Important: Artistic Activities Visa (VITEM III) has been discontinued and substituted by Visitor Visa (VIVIS), if the maximum stay does not exceed 90 days.

UK nationals together with other 50 countries are exempt from VIVIS.

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